In the woods!

On Monday, as you know we have the Wild Child days, the last one was the “Whispering Grass” one, about making natural sounds in the woods. And that’s what we did, the kids enjoyed hand making their own “kazoos”, which are a kind of natural flutes made with wood, playing the wood drums and singing around the fire with some guitars players like Geoff, Peter and Me. We enjoyed the day very much.

On Wednesday and thursday I went back to the woods, but this time like a volunteer, caring the kids and supervising tasks. We were making bows and arrows, even targets for it too. Building dens, playing with ropes on the trees, and we cooked on fire sweet marshmallows and stone soup.

It was a great experience and I was able to know the others volunteers more deeply.

On friday just making the report from the woods, making the list for the next friday evening jollyness and writing some  overdue blogs like this!


See you next week fellas!

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Back to Work and Geocaching Project.

After my mini break it is time to go back to work.

The week started for me creating a list with the childcare providers and services in Gwynedd Coincil, around the Bangor area. Of course, during all week I am working on the wild in the woods and wild child days, but like this is my priority and I am always on it I won’t spend much time talking abut it because I did it on the last blogs…

I have been shorting out the Geocaching project, wirtting down the coordinates with the GPS and moving myself from places to places where the geocaches are going to be, around the castle and its gardens. Ordering what it’s going to be inside of each “geobox” and collecting information about every place is going to be about, it is almost finish, one week more and it will be done.

The last two days I was working for Eirwen, the Tea Room Manager taking the profits from tea room from november to march and creating a data base with the working hours from tea room staff members too.

Another week’s over, see you next week!



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Welcome to me !

Good morning everyone!

My name is Jose, I’m 25 years old and I come from Talavera de la

Reina, in Toledo, Spain.  Some of my hobbies are playing guitar, going out with friends, watch good films, listening music…

I am going to be at Penrhyn Castle for ten weeks in order to finish my course of management secretary and improve my English.

My role here will be doing administrative and secretary tasks for the Learning and Communication department, helping and learning everything I can.

This first week I have been introduced to the castle staff and told about the different things I should be doing in this period of time, everybody here is very kind and I hope it will be a great time here.


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Powis castle and Grounds visit June 2012

IMG_0662coming up at Powisseasonal highlightscalling all potential volunteers in the loos!and different age groupsexplaining why you can't
the Castlestable block interpretation 3simple self-service second hand bookstable block interpretation 2stable block interpretation 1great views
Powis family in contextfluffy plants!plants and labelsinside a yew treein situnow and then
now and thenviewmaze in the lawn and lawn gamesold gardenersseeking volunteers drivers poster

Here some of the more memorable ideas I have seen at Powis Castle. A brilliant property with quite few breath taking views and corners.

The rain poured all the time but the beauty of the place still took me around the grounds.

Possibly on of the best ideas, was the drawing room/smoking room as you enter the castle itself on your left. The interpretation in the room looks like someone just got up, forgot their drink (port?), did not put the chair back and simply left half way through a game of cards – quite liked it!
Pity I could not take photos!

I also particularly liked the Herbert family history in context – makes sense to see what was happening here, in relation to Europe and further afield – would be a good idea to ‘steal’ for Penrhyn.

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This is my last week here @ Penrhyn Castle, I’m coming back to Italy on Saturday 😦

Therefore this is my last post and first of all I want to give you an idea of how the garden looks like at this time:

…as you can see we have a lot of vegetables growing and a few beds ready to welcome our seedlings!It looks nice isn’t it?

Just before saying goodbye, let me spend a few words to thank all the learning staff and all the volunteers, the ladies and gentlemen from the general office, the gardeners, the guys from the railway museum and those from archery, and everyone who has contributed to make my experience absolutely great. Thank you for your help and for your smiles. 

And I want to thank you, Resi, for your willingness and your patience with me, and for everything I’ve learned from you, day after day.

I will always think about these 2 months as something really special and definitely positively challenging!!!

So people, the only thing I can say is that if you want to volunteer and you are looking for making new friends, gaining skills and having some fun, you will hardly find a place batter than Penrhyn Castle.

Ciao a tutti e arrivederci. 🙂



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Geocaching at Chirk – June 2012

IMG_0647virginia discovers her first cachehidden cache?micro cache in situOffa's dyke microcache content and history on a stripsuspiciously like a hidden cache
cache 3ice house logbookmore history learning

an update with more images from the Geocaching session at Chirk Castle

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memories of great learning at Colby Woodland Garden

IMG_0735IMG_0733IMG_0732running waterevents venuehelp needed
some walled garden infostarting your fireUsing the fire bowDUCKS!soo simple and soo good!small cottage enterprise
and why not?low cost arrival interpretationhide away cottage growing uprepetitionclimbing frameBalancing beam on the making
run!campfire siteswing over a river!more swinging form rope50 things embracedVolunteering opportunities at Colby Woodland Garden

A few memories from a great day I spent at Colby Woodland Garden. Plenty of ideas to take away and get the thinking going at Penrhyn castle.

Highly recommend anyone to visit if they are in that neck of the woods.

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