270 degrees

the Darling of them all, Leni, visited the castle for a spot of filming for the 50 things to do before 11 3/4 campaign. you can read all about the campaign here. we all had a fantastic day but really the Wild in the Woods baftas should go to the children who took part! absolutely fabulous.


it was a seriously log day but there was absolutely no letting go and they were real pros!

it meant that by the end of the day we managed to film all 5 short videos:

how to roll down a hill, how to call an owl (yes with yours truly), camping out, cook out, night wildlife walk and in a moment of flagging (ever so slight); how to make a grass trumpet!

we all had some great fun and a huge thanks to all involved too!

but why was this important? well, the 50 things campaign has had some gentle opposition at property – should a garden be used for such activities? are they properly risk assessed? will 100 of children rampage and climb on princess elisabeth (?) oak which has got fabulous limbs ready for climbing but also very precious lichens?

well the campaign was launched an no 100 kids materialised, the Wild in the Woods kids came and knew which trees can be climbed and which can’t but more importantly knew better then me where to find a rope swing!

I personally think the campaign is great for all – too long we have cocooned children into a falsely safe world where they emerge into adulthood unaware of how to balance living life to the full with risk – so well done for NT for coming up with the idea.

here some more images for you to have a giggle about!


and here also a short video for you – our stars hard at work!

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