I realise I haven’t been writing of lately but I have a great excuse – following the great filming for 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4, I went to a great conference of ‘Getting outdoors and closer to nature’ for which a much larger space is needed as I am still digesting the great info I have gathered. But something great happened yesterday; we had a powercut! And Geoff, Virginia and I went for a walk and re-discovered the Walled Garden. The ultimate great thing happened and as the thinking juices started to flow we wrote it all out, it is no way finished and the photo quality shows my need to invest in a camera and stop relying on phones, but here is the making, the first tentative steps in planning Penrhyn learning programme for the next few years.

This mindmap will grow over the next few weeks, some things likely might be removed as we might work out it is not feasible for Penrhyn but in the meantime we have a start of something exciting and fun. The final work will look at converting the final mindmap into some kind of time appropriate order, making it fit in the constrains of the management world we live in these days but in the meantime we can be creative.

Exciting times ahead!

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