Hi everybody,

I’m Virginia, I’m an ECTARC placement here at Penrhyn Castle and I work on the Secret Garden learning programme. I am from Florence, Italy, where I’ve done a master in Plant Diseases and have worked many hours teaching children about the environment.

I’ m going to keep you informed more or less weekly, about what is happening in the Secret Garden, which vegetables we are growing,  seeding and harvesting. And because I am not the greatest expert in horticolture, when I won’t be sure about what to do..I will maybe ask you for advice!

Uumh…and, obviously, I hope you will forgive me for my Englishtaliano 😛


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2 Responses to Hi everybody,

  1. snowdoniabnb says:

    Brilliant picture – good example of the person in the photo giving it perspective and showing how huge the tree is.

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