Good Gracious!

WARNING: you might catch the geocaching bug!

Yesterday,Virginia and I went to Chirk castle to discover geocaching. And what a day! Guess the best thing was Virginia ‘complaining’ of having caught the bug!

On arrival we met with Dave who’s a local geocaching expert and volunteers for <; and this is your first port of call for background info on geocaching if you never heard about it before.

But why did we go there? Penrhyn has received support from Garmin to develop a geocaching offer on property and Chirk has a reputation for happy geocachers!

After borrowing our GPS unit and reading the instructions we proceeded to start our quest and reasonably soon found our cache – once we managed to find out which way to leave the building!

Lesson 1- GPS needs to to be moving to give a direction!

It is so that we discovered who was Good Gracious (Chirk) horse and the first official bit of learning took place! (apart from discussions with Dave and Virginia, reading instructions and general chatting…)

From there lesson 2 as we had to learn how to enter the 2 new sets of coordinates.

Then we found the second and finally the third cache.

After, over coffee, we met Carolyn., who is the master geocacher of Chirk and a bit of a fanatic ( I am sure she is ok about me saying that!) and we had a fantastic low down on caches on a NT property:

Keep it simple for people who want to start or discover geocaching – you can expand and increase difficulty afterwards

Be aware the length people go to be the first to discover the cache once set

Use it as a learning opportunity to discover less visited areas

Consider leaving a voucher or something to the first founder

Tell property staff what they are so thy don’t get thrown away by staff thinking it’s rubbish

Here some photos:




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