This is my last week here @ Penrhyn Castle, I’m coming back to Italy on Saturday 😦

Therefore this is my last post and first of all I want to give you an idea of how the garden looks like at this time:

…as you can see we have a lot of vegetables growing and a few beds ready to welcome our seedlings!It looks nice isn’t it?

Just before saying goodbye, let me spend a few words to thank all the learning staff and all the volunteers, the ladies and gentlemen from the general office, the gardeners, the guys from the railway museum and those from archery, and everyone who has contributed to make my experience absolutely great. Thank you for your help and for your smiles. 

And I want to thank you, Resi, for your willingness and your patience with me, and for everything I’ve learned from you, day after day.

I will always think about these 2 months as something really special and definitely positively challenging!!!

So people, the only thing I can say is that if you want to volunteer and you are looking for making new friends, gaining skills and having some fun, you will hardly find a place batter than Penrhyn Castle.

Ciao a tutti e arrivederci. 🙂



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