Powis castle and Grounds visit June 2012

IMG_0662coming up at Powisseasonal highlightscalling all potential volunteers in the loos!and different age groupsexplaining why you can't
the Castlestable block interpretation 3simple self-service second hand bookstable block interpretation 2stable block interpretation 1great views
Powis family in contextfluffy plants!plants and labelsinside a yew treein situnow and then
now and thenviewmaze in the lawn and lawn gamesold gardenersseeking volunteers drivers poster

Here some of the more memorable ideas I have seen at Powis Castle. A brilliant property with quite few breath taking views and corners.

The rain poured all the time but the beauty of the place still took me around the grounds.

Possibly on of the best ideas, was the drawing room/smoking room as you enter the castle itself on your left. The interpretation in the room looks like someone just got up, forgot their drink (port?), did not put the chair back and simply left half way through a game of cards – quite liked it!
Pity I could not take photos!

I also particularly liked the Herbert family history in context – makes sense to see what was happening here, in relation to Europe and further afield – would be a good idea to ‘steal’ for Penrhyn.

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